About and Origin


My name is Jay Bowles, and I have an electrifying passion. Physics, to me is more than an abstraction of our surroundings, it’s very tangible. In particular, I believe plasma physics is an unavoidable tool for the future, and a source of inspiration for us all to reach further. All things are possible through science, but only if we try.

I produce monthly content for Youtube, and occasionally appear on television shows. Topics range from high voltage generation, levitation, and firebending, to wireless power transfer, medical sterilization, and laser production. There’s a world of possibilities when dealing with high voltage physics, and i’m on a mission to make a video for each one.But how did this all start?

Two events shaped my path, my passion, and my perspective. At the age of 10, I was standing under the eves of my family home, taking pictures of lightning. One ground strike hit either our roof, or our neighbors roof, scaring me half to death. For the first time, I experienced an incomprehensible level of power. Most people wouldn’t seek out that experience again, but I found it fascinating and wanted more.

When in High school, one particular lunch session also shaped me. It was a special day, where each class had a booth, showing off what students were learning, building, or practicing. The entire cafeteria was dominated by a loud buzzing sound, which lead me to a table headed by the electronics class. Sitting on the table, was a strange coil of wire spitting out huge, noisy purple sparks. The nearby art booth and photography booth didn’t stand a chance.

Asking them what this weird device was, I was told, “Oh bro, it’s a Tesla Coil! You can touch it too if you want.” Not wanting to die, I told the students that i’d pass, to which they responded, “No, you can touch the sparks, they’re safe.” I found that hard to believe. After me expressing doubt and feeling like I was walking into a prank, they convinced me to reach out, and touch the loud, dancing streamers.

It hurt – yet – I didn’t die. I stood there and tried to conceive why touching hundreds of thousands of volts didn’t kill me. This moment, honestly, changed my perspective forever. It was then that I realized there was more to electricity than meets the eye. More to physics, more to the world, than what we can see. This is why I produce videos.